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The Grosvenor Group combines Grosvenor Leasing and Interactive Fleet Management


Established for almost 40 years, we’re one of the largest fleet sector companies to have resisted the temptation to adopt a process driven, call centre culture – instead offering organisations with vehicle fleets, in both public and private sectors, a level of attention and support that leads to ongoing cost savings and heightened driver mobility.


As a Group, our overall proposition uniquely combines two distinct offerings.


With Grosvenor Leasing, customers enjoy an award-winning contract hire specialist providing all forms of vehicle funding and outstanding client and driver support.

Interactive Fleet Management is a fleet management specialist dedicated purely to managing fleets. Irrespective of funding method, it’s best described as ‘your very own’ fleet department, managing all vehicles, drivers and suppliers whether you contract hire or own your vehicles.


Many leasing customers choose a combination of both. This results in a holistic approach whereby the Interactive Fleet Management team manages everything for you, with Grosvenor Leasing providing the contract hire.


Companies that do not lease their vehicles simply use Interactive Fleet Management as a standalone team – benefiting from the daily expertise of the finest fleet professionals in the sector.


Through our innovative, award-winning, solution called ‘0Zone’, we are always leading the way in helping companies achieve a greener fleet, guiding them towards electric and ultra-low emission vehicles.


With an in-house software development team, we also lead the way with ground-breaking fleet management software and Apps.

Another industry-first is our expert panel.


Similar to law firms, who have partners and solicitors with particular skill sets, we believed the same was needed in fleet which is why we based our panel on the law firm model, with pen portraits of each of our experts on our web site.


For key issues such as compliance, CO2, taxation, legal, technical, policy, health and safety and many others, the panel is a phone call, email or LinkedIn message away from answering any question a customer may have.


For more information, please talk to one of our friendly team on 01536 536 536


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